Project #: RFP 4005 (RFP)
Issued by: Oregon Metro
Bids Due Date: Feb 17, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Price Range: $600,000
Status: open
Posted: Jan 14, 2022


The purpose of this project is to remove the existing fishing pier. Any new permanent public fishing accommodation to replace the pier, as determined by the comprehensive park renovation plan, will be designed and constructed as a separate project.

The construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) project delivery method, whereby the contractor joins the design process, will enable Metro and the team to streamline the permitting process, analyze cost-saving options, better facilitate coordination with park operations and find opportunities that bring additional benefit to the project. With the CM/GC there is also opportunity to coordinate and co-design a phased solution that serves the public at no additional cost.

A large cost of this project is the logistics of getting equipment to the pier structure. There is an opportunity to work cooperatively with the CM/GC and Project Engineer to create a land-based demolition approach—a temporary work dock structure—that can later serve as a temporary, accessible public fishing pier. This structure would be designed and built with this dual purpose in mind and bring the added benefit to Metro of providing accessible public fishing at the lake while park renovation designs are still underway.


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Advanced American Costruction Jan 14, 2022
Buildskape LLC Jan 17, 2022
IMS Jan 17, 2022
Tri-City Construction Council Jan 17, 2022