Project #: RFP #21-56 (RFP)
Category: Construction
Department: Development & Investment
Issued by: Prosper Portland
Bids Due Date: Jan 21, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: open
Posted: Dec 15, 2021


Request for Proposals Data and Contact Information

Request for Proposals Title:

CM/GC for The Nick Fish Retail Space Improvements

Solicitation Number:


Solicitation Coordinator:

Peter Madaus, Procurement Services Coordinator

Contact Information:

503-823-3262 (direct) (email)

Proposal Delivery Location:

Submission via BidLocker at

Executive Summary. Through this Request for Proposals (this “RFP”), Prosper Portland (“Owner” or “we”), the duly authorized urban renewal and economic development agency for the City of Portland, Oregon (the “City”) requests competitive proposals from qualified and experienced construction manager-general contractors (“CM/GC”, “Proposers” or “you(r)”) to implement retail tenant improvements for The Nick Fish building located at 10550 NE Halsey, Portland, Oregon 97220 (the “Property”, “Site”, or “Project Site”). The general scope of work will include (a)pre-construction services including but not limited to those described under OAR 137-49delivered collaboratively and through an equity lens, (b) construction services needed tocomplete tenant improvements for as many as nine (9) retail spaces located at the Project site,and (c) thorough documentation, close-out activities, and post-construction services as the Owner may require. The intent of this RFP is to select a CM/GC to perform retail space improvementsover time as tenants are identified for the available spaces. Consequently, the foregoing (a), (b),and (c) may be completed under separate phases as directed by Prosper Portland to meet itstenants’ needs (e.g., nine separate times, as otherwise, directed, etc.).

This RFP is an alternative public improvement selection process consisting of a best value competitive selection process (as described in this RFP), which is intended to result in multiple preconstruction services contracts, each potentially leading to multiple construction services contracts, with the successful Proposer(s).


This project has the following solicitation documents.

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Pre-Bid Conference

1.9 Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour

1.9.1 Mandatory Attendance. Attendance at the Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour described in this RFP is a mandatory part of the Solicitation. A representative of each Proposer must both attend the Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour and document their attendance in the manner required by the Owner. Failure to attend and document such attendance as described in this Section 1.9.1 will result in the Owner finding that a Proposer’s Proposal is nonresponsive.

1.9.2 Meeting and Site Tour Details. A mandatory pre-proposal meeting and site tour for this RFP will be held on the day and time listed in Section 1.3 of this RFP. At the time listed for the Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour in Section 1.3 (“Gathering Time”), attendees will gather at the Site, in space #1 – Space facing NE Halsey Street closest to the hardware store. (“Gathering Location”). Representatives of prospective Proposers are stronglyencouraged to arrive at the Gathering Location no later than the Gathering Time. At any time after the Gathering Time, Prosper Portland staff may move away from the Gathering Location to parts of the Site that are potentially not visible, locked, or otherwise inaccessible without the assistance of Prosper Portland staff. While documented attendance during any portion of the Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour will meet the responsiveness requirements of Section 1.9.1, neither Prosper Portland nor its staff or consultants will be responsible for locating attendees or providing them with an opportunity to document their attendance at any time or place other than the Gathering Time and Gathering Location, respectively. All attendees will comply with mask and distancing requirements in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As determined by Prosper Portland staff, important elements of this RFP, the Project, and Prosper Portland’s procurement process will be highlighted at the pre-proposal meeting and site tour. Proposers are encouraged to bring a copy of this RFP to the meeting as copies will not be provided. A job site tour will follow the Pre-Proposal Meeting. This will be the only opportunity for proposers to tour the Project site.

1.9.3 Questions and Comments at these Meetings. Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Tour attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions of Prosper Portland’s staff and any other members of the project team that may be in attendance to help clarify this Project. Verbal comments given by Prosper Portland staff or any other members of the Project team at this event are not binding and will not serve to modify any portion of this RFP unless later confirmed in a written addendum to this RFP. Prosper Portland will request that particularly detailed questions, or those that require additional consideration and research, be submitted in writing per Section 4.5 of this RFP. Prosper Portland may record the meeting, or portions thereof, for the purposes of accurately capturing questions and comments

Pre-Bid Conference Date: Jan 6, 2022 9:00AM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar

Additional Information

The following NIGP codes apply to this solicitation: 909-00, 912-00, 914-00

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