Project #: 21-05 (RFP)
Category: Professional Services
Department: Economic Development
Issued by: Prosper Portland Visit Website
Bids Due Date: Jan 10, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)
Status: open
Posted: Oct 28, 2021


Through this Request for Proposals (this “RFP”), Prosper Portland, the economic development and redevelopment agency for the city of Portland, Oregon, requests competitive proposals from experienced firms or teams to help develop an Inclusive Economic Development Strategy for the city of Portland. The Inclusive Economic Development Strategy  will establish a roadmap for creating widely shared economic prosperity that is grounded in racial equity and the transition to a zero-carbon economy. The objective of this work is to identify key policies, approaches, partnerships, and investments necessary to achieve inclusive, sustainable economic growth goals in the next three to five (3 – 5) years.

Prosper Portland reserves the right to award multiple contracts from this RFP.


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Name: Daniel Spero

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The following NIGP codes apply to this solicitation: 918-49, 961-28

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About Prosper Portland

We are the economic and urban development agency for the city of Portland.  We focus on building an equitable economy by carrying out a comprehensive range of economic development programs that support small business, improve access to workforce training, and create jobs for Portland residents. We work with partners to drive public attention and resources to different areas of the city, which helps Portland realize capital projects – parks, streetscape improvements, community centers –that would not happen on their own, making it a better place to live for all Portlanders.

Our Mission

To create economic growth and opportunity for Portland.

Our Vision

Portland is one of the most globally competitive, equitable, and healthy cities in the world.

Prosper Portland stimulates job creation, encourages broad economic prosperity, and fosters great places on behalf of the City of Portland.

We are a workplace of choice with passionate staff excelling in an open and empowering environment and sharing a commitment to our collective success.

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