Project #: RFP 3924
Issued by: Oregon Metro Visit Website
Bids Due Date: Jun 23, 2021 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)
Status: open
Posted: May 24, 2021


Metro is seeking proposals from qualified firms, consultants and specialists, or teams of firms or consultants to undertake activities that support efficient use of State and Federal funds that support TDM program activities that support efficient use of Federal funds and support Metro, RTO and the Collaborative Working Group activities.
Contractors shall assist Metro staff and partners on a variety of TDM efforts that reduce barriers to travel options participation.

Contractor will support Metro and partner work, and may be involved in advising staff and others, planning activities, developing strategies, delivering programs/activities, assisting with program delivery, creating reports, or other documents, training others to deliver programs and activities as specified.


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