Solicitation Type: RFP
Issued by: Tualatin Valley Water District
Publish Date: Feb 4, 2022 12:00AM
Proposals Due Date: Feb 24, 2022 10:00AM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: awarded
Posted: Jan 31, 2022


Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) is soliciting proposals from qualified professional firms to: 1) Revise the District’s mission, vision, and values statements; 2) Update the District’s Strategic Planning Framework; and 3) Assist the District in developing its 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.

Proposals must be submitted to Heather Speight, Procurement and Contract Administrator, both electronically and in hard copy originals.  The electronic proposals will be accepted via Equity Hub’s Bid Locker at (Bid Locker) until 10:00 a.m. local time in Portland, Oregon, on February 24, 2022 (Deadline). Before Proposers can submit their proposal, they will need to sign up with Bid Locker at There is no cost to register.

Proposers must also submit one paper original and seven paper copies of the proposal to Tualatin Valley Water District, Attn: Heather Speight, 1850 SW 170th Avenue, Beaverton, OR  97003.  The envelope must be clearly marked with RFP No. TVWD-20220204.  The hard copies of the proposal are also due at the Deadline of 10:00 a.m. local time on February 24, 2022.

RFP documents may be obtained electronically from Bid Locker. Any proposals received after the Deadline will not be considered.  Proposals must be submitted both electronically and in hard copy by the Deadline.  Proposals missing either the electronic or hard copy portion by the Deadline may be considered non-responsive. Proposals will not be publicly opened.

TVWD reserves the right to cancel this RFP, reject any and all proposals not in compliance with prescribed public contracting procedures and requirements, including proposer responsibility under ORS 279C.375 (3) (b), and may reject for good cause any and all proposals upon TVWD’s finding that it is in TVWD’s or the public’s best interest to do so. TVWD reserves the right to waive informalities and to negotiate a contract with the highest scoring proposer.

Proposers will be responsible for all costs associated with preparing a proposal. Proposers will also be responsible for signing a confidentiality agreement prior to obtaining the RFP documents. Return of the documents is not required.

Advertised February 4, 2022


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140,102 Notice of Intent to Award
162,668 Notice of Intent to Award

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For Questions or Additional Information, Contact:

Name: Heather Speight
Email: Heather.Speight@TVWD.Org

Interested Parties and Planholders

Interested Parties

These are the vendors who have expressed interest in this solicitation:

Business When
Clean Water Management Feb 8, 2022
Daily Journal of Commerce-Oregon Feb 4, 2022
EMA, Inc. Feb 4, 2022
IMS Feb 7, 2022
Moss Adams LLP Feb 15, 2022
Pwxpress Feb 23, 2022
Pwxpress Feb 4, 2022
Sapere Consulting, Inc Feb 22, 2022
Water Systems Consulting, Inc. Feb 23, 2022


These are the vendors who have downloaded the solicitation documents:

Business When
Bareny & Worth, Inc. Feb 4, 2022
BDS Planning & Urban Design Feb 8, 2022
Brown and Caldwell Feb 4, 2022
Clean Water Management Feb 7, 2022
EMA, Inc. Feb 4, 2022
Financial Consulting Solutions Group, Inc. Feb 4, 2022
Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. Feb 7, 2022
Moss Adams LLP Feb 7, 2022
Murraysmith Feb 4, 2022
Raftelis Feb 4, 2022
Sapere Consulting, Inc Feb 10, 2022
Strategy Matters Feb 10, 2022
The Athena Group, LLC Feb 7, 2022
Water Systems Consulting, Inc. Feb 4, 2022

About Tualatin Valley Water District

About our District

TVWD serves about 215,500 customers in parts of Washington County, Oregon. Our service area covers more than 44 square miles including portions of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, and unincorporated Washington County. TVWD is a special district, established to provide drinking water, and is governed by an elected Board of Commissioners.

Our Mission: To provide our community quality water and customer service
Our Vision: Delivering the best water, service, value
Our Values: Reliability, Integrity, Stewardship, Excellence, Safety