Solicitation Type: ITB
Issued by: Oregon Metro
Publish Date: Aug 1, 2023 12:00AM
Bids Due Date: Sep 14, 2023 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: awardpending
Posted: Aug 1, 2023


Metro is requesting competitive bids for the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) Rain Garden Renovation.

This project will address and repair failing waterproofing between the building and the rain garden, parking garage and SW exterior of the venue.  The rain garden area will receive a refresh of vegetation and will remove overgrown cedar trees.


This project has the following solicitation documents.

Bid Document File Size Notes
86,330 Bid Tabulation

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Pre-Bid Conference

A voluntary pre-bid conference for all potential prime contractors is scheduled on August 9, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. at the Oregon Convention Center.  Interested sub-contractors are also invited.  

Metro will have a virtual meeting on August 9, 2023, at 9:00am to futher describe Metro's Public Benefit Programs and their requirements to proposers and to answer questions.  These programs are described in the "Metro's Public Benefit Programs" section of this ITB.  All potential bidders are encouraged to attend.  Meeting link is available in solicitation document.


Pre-Bid Conference Date Aug 9, 2023 9:00AM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
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Vendor Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer Period is currently closed.

When the question and answer period is open, vendors may submit their questions on this solicitation to be answered by Oregon Metro.

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Interested Parties

Interested Parties

These are the vendors who have expressed interest in this solicitation:

Business When
A Five Construction Aug 2, 2023
Advantage JC Excavating Aug 1, 2023
Anderson Krygier Sep 11, 2023
ASA Construction LLC Aug 9, 2023
Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC Aug 3, 2023
Bacharach Construction LLC Aug 30, 2023
Biohabitats, Inc. Sep 11, 2023
Brockamp & Jaeger, Inc. Aug 18, 2023
Buildskape Aug 2, 2023
Buildskape LLC Aug 11, 2023
Cedar Mill Construction Company, LLC. Aug 1, 2023
ConstructConnect Aug 5, 2023
Construction Bid Source Aug 3, 2023
Contech Services, Inc. Sep 12, 2023
Contractor Plan Center Aug 3, 2023
D&R Masonry Restoration, Inc. Aug 17, 2023
Daily Journal of Commerce-Oregon Aug 3, 2023
Eugene Builders Exchange Aug 2, 2023
Express Power Wash LLC Aug 18, 2023
Fortis Construction Aug 7, 2023
Fulcrum Construction Aug 8, 2023
I&H Construction Inc. Aug 2, 2023
IMS Aug 2, 2023
INLINE Commercial Construction Aug 23, 2023
Keeping Up With the Jones Aug 8, 2023
Layfield Group Aug 8, 2023
Loper and Slag LLC Sep 14, 2023
Metro Aug 2, 2023
Mosaic Ecology LLC Aug 28, 2023
NW Pressure Washing Service Aug 18, 2023
Paul Brothers Inc Aug 15, 2023
Pioneer Waterproofing Company Aug 4, 2023
QTO Solutions Aug 22, 2023
Ross Builders Northwest Aug 8, 2023
Ross Builders Northwest, LLC Sep 6, 2023
RWDI Aug 17, 2023
Salem Contractors Exchange Aug 2, 2023
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Aug 2, 2023
Spearhead Construction, LLC. Aug 7, 2023
Spokane Regional Plan Center Aug 3, 2023
Spray on foam and coating Sep 1, 2023

Commodity Codes and Solicitation Change History

Commodity Codes (NIGP):

Coatings, Protective, For Masonry Including Concrete Floor)
Thermal And Moisture Protection Services
Masonry, Concrete, And Stucco Maintenance, Finishing, And Repair Services Including Inside Concrete Sawing And Grouting Work
Weatherization, Weather And Waterproofing Maintenance And Repair Services
Demolition Services
Waterfront Construction Services: Piers, Docks, Decking, Etc., Including Maintenance And Repair

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Aug 17, 2023
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Aug 22, 2023
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Aug 24, 2023
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Sep 6, 2023