Project #: 4122 (RFP)
Issued by: Oregon Metro
Proposals Due Date: Dec 12, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: open
Posted: Nov 17, 2022


Metro is seeking proposals from qualified, experienced mechanical contractors to respond to emergency service requests; perform routine and non-routine maintenance, repairs and potential replacements to equipment associated with the St. Johns Landfill (SJLF) landfill gas (LFG) collection system and motor blower flare facility (MBFF) located at 9387 North Columbia Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.

The general scope of services includes supporting Metro with routine scheduled maintenance of the landfill flare - Perennial Energy Flare Model Number FL-60-34-E, and two (2) Lone Star MC5-03 Multistage Turbo Blowers.  The scope of services also includes as needed and non-routine on-call maintenance and repair, or potential replacement of various landfill pumps, piping, and other equipment.


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Pre-Proposal Conference

Pre-Proposal Conference

A voluntary pre-proposal conference will be held at 9387 N Columbia Blvd on Friday December 2 2022 at 1:00 p.m.. Interested proposers are encouraged to attend the conference in order to gain information about the RFP requirements

Pre-Proposal Conference Date Dec 2, 2022 1:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar

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Interested Parties

Interested Parties

These are the vendors who have expressed interest in this solicitation:

Business When
Beckwith & Kuffel Inc. Nov 21, 2022
Blue Flame Crew, LLC Nov 30, 2022
Contractor Plan Center Nov 18, 2022
Eugene Builders Exchange Nov 21, 2022
Glacier Construction Services, Inc Dec 1, 2022
Hydro Temp Mechanical Inc Dec 6, 2022
IMS Nov 17, 2022
Nexus Electrical Group Nov 28, 2022
SCS Engineers Nov 23, 2022
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Nov 21, 2022
Tri-City Construction Council Nov 18, 2022

Commodity Codes

Commodity Codes (NIGP):

Flow Controllers, Indicators, Calibrators, And Recorders: Air And Gases
Gas Distribution Equipment, Components And Fittings
Leak Detection Services: Gas, Water, Chemical