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Issued by: Oregon Metro
Publish Date: Oct 31, 2022 2:00PM
Proposals Due Date: Dec 6, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: closed
Posted: Oct 31, 2022


Metro has been actively working to cultivate diversity, advance racial equity and practice inclusion throughout all the agency’s work since 2010. In 2012 the Metro Council approved the first Diversity Action Plan (DAP). In 2014, the Metro Chief Operating Officer brought together the diversity and equity programs, and some of the inclusion functions, to form the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Program. In June 2016 the Metro Council approved the Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and staff are in the process of implementing the 5-year plan.

The DEI program has identified a set of fundamental skills, knowledge, and abilities as essential for the professional development needs of Metro employees for the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals at Metro. Currently, Metro offers a range of trainings, workshops or other types of learning engagements but is seeking to expand its current training and facilitation offerings and make coaching available for staff.

The DEI Program requires training and facilitation assistance due to the wide variety of topics and subject areas that are needed in order to successfully implement this work. On an on-call, as-needed basis, trainers and coaches will provide services to help Metro staff learn about specific racial equity and inclusion subjects. Facilitators will help Metro staff to design, conduct and evaluate trauma informed, accessible meetings and/or processes to advance diversity, equity and inclusion projects. 


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Pre-Proposal Conference

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Interested Parties

Interested Parties

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Business When
About Us LLC Dec 2, 2022
Ally to Accomplice Nov 2, 2022
And Liberation, LLC Nov 22, 2022
Archetype Learning Nov 29, 2022
Autentica Consulting LLC Nov 10, 2022
Baker Consulting Nov 3, 2022
BĂ©alleka Consulting Nov 22, 2022
Big Rivers Consulting Nov 14, 2022
Building For Mission Nov 9, 2022
CCG Business Solutions Nov 9, 2022
Center for Equity and Inclusion Nov 1, 2022
Chanin Kelly-Rae Consulting LLC Nov 6, 2022
City of Corvallis Nov 8, 2022
Collective Leadership Strategies Nov 10, 2022
Common Ground Mediation Services LLC Nov 3, 2022
Conscious Inclusion Consulting LLC Nov 9, 2022
data2insight Nov 2, 2022
DeEtta Jones and Associates Nov 1, 2022
Diversity First Consulting Nov 25, 2022
Diversity First Consulting Group Nov 8, 2022
Dr. Maria Church International LLC Nov 1, 2022
East Coast Racial Equity Group, LLC Nov 10, 2022
Emeritus Enterprise Inc. Nov 10, 2022
Empress Rules LLC Nov 13, 2022
GCAP Services, Inc. Nov 7, 2022
JDC Business Group Inc Nov 10, 2022
Kansas Business Services Nov 7, 2022
Kearns & West Nov 15, 2022
Keen Independent Research Nov 1, 2022
Krystina Jackson & Associates Nov 8, 2022
Lush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting Nov 1, 2022
MGT of America Consulting, LLC Nov 3, 2022
New Coyote Consulting Oct 31, 2022
New Theory Consulting, LLC Nov 24, 2022
Ontiveros and Associates, LLC Nov 4, 2022
Pilar Montejo Consulting LLC Nov 19, 2022
PRR Nov 16, 2022
QPWB Nov 1, 2022
Rashmi Dixit Enterprises LLC Nov 1, 2022
Reimagine Everything Nov 9, 2022
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Nov 1, 2022
Sox and Sandals LLC Nov 1, 2022
Talitha Consults LLC Nov 2, 2022
The Athena Group, LLC Nov 2, 2022
The Executive Learning Lab Dec 5, 2022
The UPRISE Collective Nov 9, 2022
Urban Policy Development, LLC Nov 10, 2022
Watson Nelson Consulting Nov 21, 2022
Workplace Change Nov 1, 2022
YJL Unconquered Group Dec 6, 2022

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Education And Training Consulting
Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services

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