Project #: ITB 2023-17
Issued by: Clackamas County
Publish Date: Feb 14, 2023 9:00AM
Bids Due Date: Mar 7, 2023 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: closed
Posted: Feb 14, 2023


The purpose of this document is to outline general requirements for the removal or demolition of specifically identified structures and/or solid waste materials, including materials classified as “hazardous waste” from real property owned by the Clackamas County Development Agency.


The types of structures and materials to be removed may include a large concrete tilt-up building, asphalt, storage tanks, vegetation, miscellaneous outbuildings and other structures and related debris, including “hazardous wastes” as defined under ORS Chapter 465 and 466.


All debris and wastes shall be removed to an approved recycling facility to the greatest extent practical and/or possible.


Contractors employed by the County shall provide all the equipment, labor and materials necessary to demolish, clear, collect, remove and properly dispose of specific structures and materials under the direction of Clackamas County.  All project work ordered by the County shall be completed by the contractor in full compliance with all applicable laws and county specifications, required time frames and other contract terms and conditions.  The cost and expense for licenses, permits and other jurisdictional authorities shall be borne by the contractor and made a part of any bid submitted.


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