Project #: 2951-23
Issued by: The City of Beaverton
Publish Date: Sep 12, 2022 8:00PM
Bids Due Date: Oct 5, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: awardpending
Award Notes: Notice of Intent to Award to Civilworks NW Inc. of Vancouver, WA at the November 15, 2022, City Council Meeting. Posted October 5, 2022.
Posted: Sep 12, 2022


The City of Beaverton is accepting will only accept electronic bids for the project, Area 4 Fire Protection/Looping Improvements (Estuary Dr), Project No. 4214. The project consists of the installation of approximately 420 lineal feet of 8” diameter and 6 lineal feet of 6” diameter new water main and associated structures. It also consists of doing a 2” asphalt overlay in an existing parking lot, and re-striping the parking lot to match current conditions. The project cost is approximately between $300,000 and $350,000.

Line Items

This solicitation has the following line items for which you can submit a bid. Please review the bidding instructions in the bid documents for information on these line items:

Item No Item Unit of Measure Quantity Required?
A-1 Mobilization / De-Mobilization LS 1.00 Required
A-2 Temporary Work Zone Traffic Control, Complete (includes traffic control for connections to the existing system) LS 1.00 Required
A-3 Erosion Control LS 1.00 Required
A-4 Sawcut LF 1250.00 Required
A-5 Removal of Trees EA 2.00 Required
A-6 Exploratory Excavation (including potholing as needed) CY 30.00 Required
A-7 Adjusting Existing Structures (Catch Basins, Clean-outs, Lids) EA 6.00 Required
A-8 Trench Resurfacing, Temporary (2? thick) SY 110.00 Required
A-9 Trench Resurfacing, Permanent, Outside Street Right-of-Way (3 1/2" thick), Per COB Detail 300 SY 45.00 Required
A-10 Trench Resurfacing, Permanent, Within Right-of-Way (6" thick), T-Cut Per COB Detail 300 SY 120.00 Required
A-11 Level 2, 1/2 inch ACP Mixture, Parking Lot Overlay (2" thick) SY 1280.00 Required
A-12 Remove & Replace Concrete Curb & Gutter LF 10.00 Required
A-13 Remove & Replace Concrete Curb, Type-A LF 4.00 Required
A-14 Remove & Replace Concrete Walk SF 48.00 Required
A-15 Remove & Replace Concrete Commercial Driveway SF 150.00 Required
A-16 Longitudinal Pavement Markings - Paint LF 435.00 Required
A-17 Pavement Markings - Paint - ADA Double Parking Stall EA 1.00 Required
A-18 Pavement Markings - Paint - Crosswalk EA 1.00 Required
A-19 Plant Vanderwolf Pine Tree EA 2.00 Required
A-20 Landscape Restoration LS 1.00 Required
B-1 6" Ductile Iron Potable Water, Zinc Coated Pipe w/ Poly Wrap, Zinc Coated Fittings & Couplings w/ Restrained Joints, Cla LF 6.00 Required
B-2 8" Ductile Iron Potable Water, Zinc Coated Pipe w/ Poly Wrap, Zinc Coated Fittings & Couplings w/ Restrained Joints, Cla LF 416.00 Required
B-3 2" Blowoff Assembly (temporary) EA 2.00 Required
B-4 Chlorination Tap (temporary) EA 2.00 Required
B-5 Connection to Existing 8" Water Main (SW Regatta Lane), per note 2 on sheet 5 EA 1.00 Required
B-6 Connection to Existing 10" Water Main (SW Estuary Drive), per note 2 on sheet 6 EA 1.00 Required
B-7 Connection to Existing 6" Water Main (SW WaterLeaf Street), per detail B on sheet 10 EA 1.00 Required
B-8 Connection to Existing 8" Water Main (SW Estuary Drive), per detail A on sheet 9 EA 1.00 Required
B-9 Abandoning Existing Water Structures (Ex Valves, Mains, Services) LS 1.00 Required
B-10 8" RSGV EA 2.00 Required

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Pre-Bid Conference

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